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Driving Concepts / Fundamentals behind Business

Around 10 years ago I started Mage Software with a single target, a target that would improve the quality of education from the common level of mediocrity that is found across the world. By observing young learners it is evident that each has unique abilities to absorb information. Every person has an amazing capacity to learn, yet the triggers to activate full capacity comprise of a great deal of different and astounding techniques. Through a small set of conceptual applications, we had created something that worked to appeal to all types of learners, thus being able to improve the learning experience for everyone. This target allowed our small team to come up with something that could work.

Throughout the years, I have had the pleasant opportunity of working with a great number of business owners, from budding entrepreneurs to classic executives and Managing Directors. As you would expect, there is a wide variety of reasons behind why people start and continue to run their businesses. These range from the idea of improving their sector, filling a market gap, delivering a product to an area which has not seen it before, through to simply delivering a service that nobody else does.

These concepts are ones that I can admire, and I have the utmost of respect for the business owners responsible for that driving force.

By being in business, we are in a great position to move the world forward and improve upon peoples lives, regardless of the sector(s) that we choose to work within. In contrast to this we are also in a position to have a detrimental effect upon others.

There are however people that I have met who are focused solely on a single thing: Profit.

Whilst nobody can deny that profit is a fundamental part of being in business, and should certainly not be ignored as a motivational drive, it must not be the driving concept for your company. Unsurprisingly, a significant proportion of the owners who said that was their motivation for business are now themselves out of business.

Over time my mindset has not changed, I still have the same one target, despite being aligned to more than one sector. I still want to make a difference and improve the quality of peoples interaction with technology. On my journey so far I am fortunate to have brought along colleagues, investors and advisers that can share my vision. At Cedita, our ultimate aim is to bring the cutting edge of technology into as many businesses as possible, with the power to transform them in ways that were previously unimaginable or only attainable by the larger corporations of the world.

This is not just a dream or a goal as much as it is our entire culture within the company. I have made a point to share my passion with every member of every team I manage, and I am a firm believer that it has made a difference to their approach to their work. My teams all work on their projects with the vision of making improvements to peoples lives with the work they are doing. It is unfortunate that I have seen so many employees in other positions and companies lacking motivation or spirit to actually work at the best of their ability, and simply "get the job done".

If you are in business without defined motivation, or in it for profit - it's probably worth considering a real goal, and fast.

Any business is a fast-paced environment, and things can go great just as quickly as they can go horribly wrong. It's how we deal with these things that matters, and if you don't have any real goal for your business, it's easy to get lost and give up on your business which could affect far more than just you.