Articles about Technology

ASP.NET 5 MVC Bundling & Minification with Gulp, npm and Bower

17 May 2015 — ASP.NET 5 brings with it Gulp and Bower and requires you to take a different approach than normal Bundling that we're used to.

SEO is dead, long live SEO

21 May 2013 — It's not really dead, but this should give you some insight on the current face of SEO.

Fix - Your system administrator does not allow the use of saved credentials to log on to the remote computer

24 February 2013 — A simple fix for a common error message for system administrators working within a domain environment.

The Windows 8 WPF Theme is very interesting

03 February 2013 — Not sure why, but the Aero2 theme for Windows 8 doesn't look like Windows 8 at all!

Future of Applications - My Vision for what's coming soon

03 January 2013 — Just my vision into the future of computer applications.

OCZ Petrol 64GB vs OCZ Agility 3

29 June 2012 — OCZ Petrol 64GB vs OCZ Agility 3 60GB, mini-rant... may be helpful!

WPF Windows 8 Theme Button Style

05 June 2012 — Contains a simple Windows 8 Release Preview WPF Style for your Button, PasswordBox and TextBox controls!

How to log on to Remote Desktop on Windows 8 Consumer Preview

18 March 2012 — This article describes how to login to Windows 8 Consumer Preview over Remote Desktop with a non-local profile.

Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory Server List Fix

21 January 2012 — Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory's master servers are down, here's a redundant switcher for you. Install + Play!

XNA Challenge (Tower Defense) - Nights 2+3

24 August 2011 — More work done on my tower defense game... Night 4+ here I come!

XNA Challenge (Tower Defense) - Night 1

23 August 2011 — Made quite some progress on the XNA Challenge's Tower Defense game!

XNA Challenge - Tower Defense Game

22 August 2011 — DIC is hosting an XNA Challenge so I thought I'd take part with both a Windows 7 + Windows Phone 7 game!

Internet Privacy is Awesome

05 August 2011 — Do you care that you're magically logged in to websites you've never visited before?

Is your usage of HTTPS actually secure?

02 August 2011 — Many people think using HTTPS magically makes their website secure.. They're wrong!

Zune is Awesome

20 July 2011 — Zune has to be the best music player available for Windows, hands down!

KIT Port Approval

01 July 2011 — KIT's Messenger Port & Protocol Approved by IANA!